Newcom - Upcoming Dental commerce company in Canada choses Insight IT Solutions Inc as their IT partner for e-commerce.
Namarthic Chose Insight Group - India as their online learning solutions partner.
India's Music legend Singer Hariharan chose Insight IT Solutions - Canada to be a On- line partner.
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3G Digital Solutions INC, is one among the leading IT & Telecom solutions company in Canada also having presence in 6 countries with 9 years experience in developing innovative solutions to many SME, Government & Fortune 500 companies. At 3GDS, we have distilled the key elements of successful projects and honed our solutions to meet customer needs. Our three key main objectives:

Technology Based Business Innovation   Business optimization    IT optimisation

3G Digital Solutions founder started it's operations in Singapore after inventing the mobile payment gateway in 2000 with the support of Economic Development Board of Singapore. Our founder has won many accreditions from Singapore, Malaysia, India & United Kingdom Government for his outstanding entrepreunership.

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In the highly competitive IT & Telecom market, reducing costs has become essential. Falling Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and new entrants have made companies look for innovative technological solutions to cut costs. Our Digital Convergence Practice helps make optimum use of communications and application technologies to enhance the ability of an organization to sense environmental change and respond effectively for the same. The days of flying an entire team of business consultants to a client site, incurring the high costs of travel, and thinking about problems with a local perspective are over. We knew that clients were tired of this old model of consulting.
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