Newcom - Upcoming Dental commerce company in Canada choses Insight IT Solutions Inc as their IT partner for e-commerce.
Namarthic Chose Insight Group - India as their online learning solutions partner.
India's Music legend Singer Hariharan chose Insight IT Solutions - Canada to be a On- line partner.
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In the highly competitive IT & Telecom market, reducing costs has become essential. Falling Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and new entrants have made companies look for innovative technological solutions to cut costs. 3G Digital Solutions INC’s proven expertise and experience in providing innovative solutions can help reduce operating costs. With a library of world-class solution frameworks and system integration expertise, we can reduce time-to-market, while solving complex migration and system integration (SI) issues.

3G Digital Solutions INC’s in-depth understanding of the operational and financial challenges faced by various telecommunication and media companies has helped them achieve operational excellence. Through our coherent and evolving portfolio of offerings, we have enabled our clients to improve their long-term performance. 3G Digital Solutions INC’s infrastructure consolidation and rationalisation has made it possible to remain competitive in the Next Generation market place.

Digital Convergence
Our Digital Convergence Practice helps make optimum use of communications and application technologies to enhance the ability of an organization to sense environmental change and respond effectively for the same. The area we primarily address involves bringing Unified Communications (UC) systems, IP Telephony, Mobility and Multimedia conferencing solutions with enterprise applications for the emerging field of communications-enabled business processes. These changes result in faster response times, more accurate interactions and better social context for interactions. Not only does it help enterprises, service providers, and OEMs improve their business agility and deliver their services online on multiple devices through multiple channels but also opens up new revenue streams.
Consulting & Global Delivery
The days of flying an entire team of business consultants to a client site, incurring the high costs of travel, and thinking about problems with a local perspective are over. We knew that clients were tired of this old model of consulting. As the pioneer of the Global Delivery Model, we developed a new CRM model for consulting based on a simple idea: A blended offering of high quality business consulting onsite with impeccable technology implementation offsite.
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